Begleitung für bewusste Menschen.

Drama kreieren wir uns selbst. Leichtigkeit auch.

The journey to your inner essence. Unlock your Kundalini.

Journey of Self-Reconnection: Rediscovering Your Soul, Body, and Inner Essence

Welcome to your journey of self-love and discovering your true inner essence.

Are you a conscious woman who feels there's more to explore? A longing to delve deeper, shed societal norms, and uncover authenticity?

If you're ready to take the deep dive, to feel intensely, perceive deeply, and transform your shadows into supportive allies, then you're in the right place.

Perhaps you feel everything's aligned, yet you sense undiscovered facets waiting to be awakened.

Are you prepared to connect with the deepest layers of yourself and unleash your true wild woman? Join me on a transformative journey to your Kundalini Awakening.

I'll intuitively and lovingly guide you to the goddess within. A spiritual and energetic journey supported by essential oils, crystals, and yoga.

I work intuitively and without predefined goals. Because focusing on the moment and accepting our "being" instead of chasing a specific goal often leads to true self-revelation. That's the challenge. We always seek immediate solutions and understanding. But energy work operates somewhat differently.

Ready to go deeper?

If you feel the call for change and soul deep diving, I invite you to a free call via Zoom. Let's discuss your desires, answer your questions, and decide if we're ready to embark on this journey together.

Your 6-month journey includes:

  • 1 session per month, 60-75 minutes each 
  • Personal guidance via WhatsApp for in-between session support 
  • Homework and exercises for everyday integration



We'll meet via Zoom. Energy surrounds and permeates everything.


Our journey begins with a free Zoom call. 

Together, we'll explore your needs and lay the groundwork for your personal transformation.

Book your free Zoom call now.


About Me

Even in the face of great dreams and desires, I was often told: "You can't do that. It's too risky. It's not realistic." It seemed like the world was constantly putting obstacles in the way of fulfilling my visions. "Why go abroad? It's too expensive and dangerous." "How will you go away for a year? You can't do that." "To a nursing home? Is that really what you want?" These doubts and external limitations weakened my self-confidence.

After much struggle and doubt, I found myself in a job that didn't bring me fulfillment. Climbing higher on the career ladder but feeling emptier inside. The hamster wheel kept turning, and I felt the elbow technique and the urge to constantly prove myself were starting to embitter me. The masks I wore to please others became heavier and more overwhelming.

But the moment of realization came: It's up to me. Only I can change my life. It was a painful process to accept this insight. Suddenly, others weren't to blame anymore. I'll admit, not a pleasant experience. But at the same time, so liberating.

At first, I still struggled with the fears and concerns that surrounded me. But the decision to walk my own path brought me an indescribable lightness. The decisions weren't always pleasant, nor did they bring joy to my friends and family. Guess this was the thing which made it really hard. But what I've learned for myself: saying "no" to someone else is saying "yes" to myself. That was important to me because I always put my needs last. I didn't even know them. An important step for me: setting and expressing boundaries.

Today, I stand here, with a spark of enthusiasm, spirit, and joy that I haven't felt in a long time. Healthy eating, away from dependencies, and the willingness to address emotional issues have given me a new way of life. But I also know that we don't delve deep enough into our innermost issues. When things get tough, we like to crawl back into our comfort zone cave. Well, I love our Kundalini energy (the snake within us) and it always knocks and asks if we're ready to change and grow. We get to decide again and again.

If you've landed on my page, I know you're ready to take a look into your own depths. You're ready to explore your hearts and pain points to discover your true essence. Welcome to this path of self-discovery and transformation.


Good to Know

We operate on an energetic level and dissolve patterns and blockages during our journey together. We'll explore what supports you in your everyday life to achieve physical and energetic balance.

Please note that this journey isn't about convincing you of the effectiveness of energy work. If you already appreciate and love the value of essential oils, crystals, and other energy tools, then we're on the same wavelength. My guidance aims to deepen and support your existing openness and appreciation for these practices. However, if you have doubts or believe this is all nonsense, then our paths probably won't cross.

Would you like to experience a glimpse of what the six months together will look like after our free Zoom call? I understand. After our free consultation, we'll schedule a "trial session" of 60 minutes. The energy exchange fee is EUR 155, which will be credited towards the total price of the six-month journey. The total price for the six-month guidance is EUR 6.666,-.

Happy to meet you soon.


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